Ashamed or Unashamed

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 21:13 -- ldh2314


Why, why are the curtains closing on me?

When all I see are little, white eyes looking at me.

Yet they can’t see me.


Cause the curtains hiding the real me.

I want to open up and say sumthing.

The moment my mouth opens…

All I see is hate in their eyes.

I take a deep breath and just as I’m about to express my heart.

These dead thoughts swirled around in my head.

Are they going to hate me more?

Or they just going to act like I’m not even here?

The crowd yells you’re worthless, don’t even try.

Why, why are the curtains closing on me?

Cause no one wants to hear.

They see right through me.

Is it shameful or not?

That I can’t even tell you who I’m not.


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