An Artist as the Wind


An artist at heart can be the wind
Although people cannot see the strands of a breeze
The soft blows can still be felt against one's skin
Such blows can be imagined in one's mind

A true artist much like the wind
Can impact those around them
Although their imagination cannot be seen
It is what is placed on paper that counts

Just as an artist is flawless as the wind
Their artwork can truly add meaning to life
Whether their art creates storms as strong as tornados
Or create relaxing days much like a gentle summer breeze

An artist as pure as the wind
Can be felt and seen everywhere
Whether the artist is stuck in the sand storms of Africa
Or the polar winds of the lonely arctic

An artist as perfect as the wind
Is who I really am
My art to travel as far as the breeze
To impact much like hurricanes

To be as pure as the wind
Is difficult to come by
But deep at heart
I know it's who I am destined to be

I am an artist
My talent as flawless as the wind

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