The Artist

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 16:54 -- Khaotix

All it wanted to do was express itself in a way nobody had ever done before.

It wanted to be revered as the artist that would bring creativity back.

It wanted to be known throughout the heavens. This was its dream and its ambition.

It wanted liberation and happiness.

However every time it mentioned the idea there was only one reaction: laughter.

Except for this one time: Her name was Jenny and she was by far the most popular girl in East Hampshire Junior High.

One day it approaches her and said: “You're  that kid who wants to be a famous artist right?” Confused about why it was talking to her she replied “yeah why are you asking?”

Suddenly it grabbed her hand and told her “That's so cool! You totally can do it”.

She was shocked that her first supporter would become her confidence

After that she felt like she could accomplish anything; her it's beautiful words filled her with confidence and it’s thoughts linked with new ambition of adolescents.

With new motivation She came to school the next day better than ever, She could finally prove everyone wrong and show them that her name could be remembered in these halls and in the books.

She felt like she could finally tell Justin, the guy she liked, that she wants to be with him.

The power to do so was all her system and was overflowing.

But the next day when she walked through the doors of the school she saw a group of her friends  laughing.

However, when she walked over she saw Justin grinning at this piece of art.

Her art...

He looked over at her and with a bring grin on his soft pasty face he said: “Man what a lame piece of shit am I right?”

All the people around him burst into laughter like he was some sort of clown personally designed to satisfy their humorist needs.

She buried her head in her hoodie and ran to her teacher.

She came into the classroom crying and said “Teacher everyone making fun at my art and i'm really hurt by it please make them stop” but all he did was sit there and sigh.

Eventually, he broke the silence by saying “Look, Jenny, that's what you’ll get for having stupid dreams”. She couldn’t believe what she heard, at that moment her heart sank and her mind was clouded by a storm of violent thoughts.

She quietly exited the classroom and not knowing where to go she just stood there feeling like an idiot and a failure.

Then she had an Idea, “Why not show them my art maybe then they would respect it.”

Between periods she went missing.

The teachers looked everywhere for her and eventually, they came into the art room.

In the middle of the classroom, they found Jenny in a pool of lukewarm blood.

Beside her was a note, but all it said was respect me for she was a victim of my artistry.

Signed Depression...   


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