Tell me something  sweet because I need to hear it.
let me paint you in the deepest shades of blue and purple,
from the bruises I have earned.
with lashings that have forced my hand into the crippled positions that hold 
pencil and pen
crippled, aching for you to hold them 
feel them 
feel my crevices and callouses 
feel something 
because I know you can't see the words written in her fingernails 
but I will still try to make you see them 
even if they aren't there 
are you listening?
im trying to tell you I love you with the silent spaces in between my heartbeats 
listen close 
you can hear those cosmic claps of love 
the vibrations of our blood flow pounding in archaic synchronization 
to the tune of our breathing 
and out 
can you feel them? 
Those muffled, mutilated 
emotions that stay unspoken 
because I've written the most beautiful poems about you in my head 
but my tongue is too dead to say them.


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