Art of a Woman

God made the perfect creation when he made women
So elegant, charming with their smiles
With the compassion and the ability to love
Even when they frown.
Adam and Eve, two seeds birthed by the hands of God
That started this all, Eve bared the forbidden bear fruit in which she knew
Was wrong, she asked Adam to take part, because she didn’t want to be alone.
Two people made to be together till death do they part
This, is the art… of a woman

When men are alone all we think about is women, why is that?
For a fact, we need and want the subjective progression, in which
Our fathers grew to love.
Why is it that men and women wear cologne and perfume?
We all hope to mate, to find somebody to fill that empty space
In our hearts.
God gave us humans the curse and blessing to love,
Someone other than ourselves

Why is it that women wear tight and fitting clothes?
To show off what Mother Nature blessed her, which is her curves
She knows that you’re looking and wishing you could have her, but you can’t.
It’s just a tease in order to see if you talk and respect her for lady that she is.
Women are smarter than you think; they make us believe that everything is okay.
They’re strong, goal driven, and sometimes confusing at the most
Some have gorgeous eyes, some have tempting thighs, but we must not lose sight
Of whom they are
Were your protector, you’re our provider to bare a son or a daughter.

You deserve the utmost respect and love, to be treated like queens like you should.
Miss Cleopatra, rubies, diamonds, and gold
Those secrets you have in which were never told.
Behold the art, the astonishing gift God gave us to take care of
The art, of women something so precious and so gentle.
Made for us men to think and use our mental, fabric of our minds
To straighten up our spines, to be kind and non-judgmental

In order for us to make this work, we must have faith in each other
To believe, and achieve the art of trust.
No luck, no spell, love... the emotion, the gift, so spiritual so bliss
We all want this; this is the art of a woman.


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