Art is my occupation

Art is my occupation

By Kyle Solverson


Art is around us and within us

It is the fabric of our being,

For we were molded into an artistic creation

And that art was given to us


Art is a talent

A gift

An ability to see the unseen

Describe the indescribable

To understand the most confusing aspects of life

And we all posses it


I am an artist

I do not question this statement

For I see the things that are unseen

I describe the indescribable

I understand that which is tangled and chaotic


A dream occupation

That which gives us the ability to provide and enjoy

A place to call a second home

A place that gives meaning to your workday


An artist I shall be

Whether that reside in animation, game art, or so on

I am an artist

And my opportunities know no bounds.


The greats have experienced these enjoyments

For their noble eyes have seen the artistic vision

Of the heavenly father that granted them…

That gave them…

The ability to posses such artistic power


My dream

My dream of dreams

To become an artist who can see that which is hidden

To become one of the greats


Da’Vinci, Michangelo, Picasso

These people have experienced their dreams


I do not dream this to be known

I only pray to see what they saw

To be what they are

But to keep my own being that describes my own artistic vision


I am an artist

My dream job is art

My occupation is the direction in which art takes me

For I see the unseen

I describe the indescribable

And see the meaning behind that which is confused




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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