The Art of Being Content


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So, what's the key to being content? You cannot barely afford an apartment, but you want a mansion with quadruple the amount of rent?

''A bigger house will give me happiness.'' Are you sure about that? Because if you do obtain it, then you will continue to want more.

I once gave a homeless man food and he was happy just to have a hot meal and his cardboard. If you forget what you have now, then you will eventually fall on your own sword. 

No time for complaining. Even when the day is gloomy, filled with precipitation, the plants are appreciating that it is raining. 

Why are we so consumed by materialism? ''I want more! I want more! I want more!'' As a kid I was happy just getting a 50 cent danish from the cornerstore.

So, you don't have a car that has a push button to start? Feel your chest and be content that you still have a beating heart.

An old man once asked me how I was doing. I responed with the normal response, ''good.'' He said, ''You should be better than good! You are on the other side of the grass.'' Half empty or half full? How's your glass?

''Love Yourz'' the words of J.Cole. Love what you have! Love what you got. We didn't have the best food growing up, but my dad ingrained in my mind to always appreciate the food that was cooking in the pot.

It's okay that you do not have the mansion or can't afford the expansion on your kitchen.

But, what do you have? Food, clothes, and socks. Be grateful that you have a pillow and are not sleeping on a rock.

When you are grateful for what you do have, then the things that shine isn't the mansion or the cars, because focusing your life on those things can put your life behind invisible bars.

Focus on what you have and what matters, because if you do not, then your life will  have abrupt consequences and the things you have taken for granted will scatter. 


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