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Suffocating in darkness
As a diseased light paved my way
I attempted to scale the barriers
That separated me from the outside where life thrived

But the walls grew taller, thicker
And the treacherous climb worsened

For the only light that seeped through the icy iron bars
Was painted with a thick coat of gloom
And it was with an audible click
That you imprisoned me in this asylum of hysteria
And there I was left powerless as the pieces of my humanity vanished

But as a person of this world
I practiced the significance of my being

Chipping away the gloom as waves of pure light poured in
Unmasking the walls that you once built to snare me in your hell of lunacy
Unmasking my only path to freedom
I climbed the walls to that menacing lock that taunted me for so long
And hearing it click open I felt the death of your dreadful wrath

For what followed were the walls
As they came crashing down
And down
down they fell
As I... As I arose in Triumph

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