Are You Okay?

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 21:36 -- hhozian

"Are you okay?"


Sure I'm fine. But, the world has it out for me.

Sometimes I wish I could just leave.

Other times I just try to drown out all the noise.

What do I do? What other choice do I have?

I drag myself out of bed every single day.

Confidence in the morning, later replaced by pain.

I've picked myself up over and over and over.

The girl I see in the mirror... I begin to loathe her.

Every time I stand, someone comes along and pushes me back down.

Every work she speaks to me kills me, I pretend I can't even hear a sound.

What do I do? How do I save myself and others around me from charade we all play?

Just all pretending things will always end up being okay.


Or maybe we don't pretend anymore. 

What if life didn't ever have to be handled like it is a chore?

Keep going. Admire beauty around you everyday.

Life is hard, but it is worth every minute of pain to see your face.

It's worth it to spend a day in the mountains with my friends, my family.

It all makes sense when I can hear her tiny heart next to my ear, pounding.

To sit there with amazing people, and for once actually laugh.

It is all worth it to experience a moment. If we don't do that, what else do we have?


"Yeah. I'll be okay."

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