Are You Afraid?

No more light 

Say goodbye tonight 

Loose your mind

And loose your soul

The house has a choice

A choice that was made many years ago

A plan that was made long before you and I

A plan that will follow through

The house has a secret

A secret worth a thousand words

Though no sound comes out 

The whispers linger on and on

They can make one go mad

Even a little insane

The creaks, the pleas, the cries 

Keep you up through the nights

It will never stop

You can't fight it

As hard as you try

You soon will die

The house that haunts

Is a simple plan

It drags you in

So that nothing will be left 

But a bag of bones 

In the end

And once it's too late

All will be lost

Are you prepared?

Are you still going to fight?

Because the house will always win

It always does

Because this is bigger than you and me

It's bigger than the all of us

Are you afriad?




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