Are We Really Free?


United States
41° 45' 35.2512" N, 87° 33' 51.4944" W

Freedom? Is that something we can really say we have?
No. Our minds are trapped in the past
Holding hatred against those who harmed our great ancestors.
When really we are holding ourselves back from being truly free
Forgive and Forget is what we need to live by
But yet we feed into that mindset that they owe us something
But they don't.
There's no surprise why we're looked down on
Spending hundreds of dollars on these gold chains
But upset over the matter that our great great great grandparents were bound by similar black ones.
No. We don't realize that we're bounding ourselves and paying for it in great abundances.
We just want to blame "the man" when he hasn't done anything.
He set the prices and you go run out to buy them just to prove you're better than the next man.
Aren't we suppose to be united as one? Not in competition against our brothers and sisters.
Gangs use to be for the community
Now they don't care about the community and if your in the way you just become another victim of senseless killing.
These young guys don't understand the meaning on why gangs were created, they're just ready and willing to pull the trigger.
Somebody's son,daughter,mother,or father
No remorse. Just the regret of getting caught and being bound for life behind bars.
If you get my drift you'll see we are not allowing ourselves to be free.
Holding ourselves back by our own stupidity and blaming others it.
We need to get it together now before we slowly wipe away our next generations.
We need to free our minds and truly live in freedom

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