Are We Deaf?

POW. One is dead. POW. Now two.

Is there a third?

The sound of gunshots is nothing new.

But tell me, have you heard?

Have you actually heard those guns fire?

A loud BANG breaks the silence, 

Death to another minor,

Followed by loud, reoccuring sirens.

Yeah, I bet you heard all that.

But tell me, have you heard what comes next?

A mother crying, wondering where her child is at,

A dreadful call saying, "Ms. Martin, your child has been put to rest."

Oh, no, I bet you didn't hear about that.

I bet you didn't hear about your neighbor Claire.

With school shootings here, school shootings there, does safe exist anywhere?

Claire is stuck in a generation that causes her to fear, 

A generation where teens can't walk to the store to buy an Arizona tea. 

But no, that you couldn't possibly hear.

How could you possibly hear the police tell you to stay in your vehicle?

But yet, you heard the voice in your head telling you, "Go ahead! Shoot!" 

Wow, that's unbelievable.

You didn't hear that? Well, what else have you missed?

What about school shootings?

Columbine, Weston High, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook; there's an everlasting list.

"We have The Right to Bear Arms; For Guns, We're Rooting!"

Now it's time to stop living in fear.

How many innocent children have to die before we put the guns away?

I've finally heard,.....and the gun violence stops here.

Why wait until tomorrow to protest, when we can make a differnce today?


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