Tue, 03/19/2019 - 22:36 -- jasond3

I stare into a face that frightens me more than ever,How can I stand and say i’m not afraid ? I see the eyes and i’m sure I know better, Than to cross paths with this 8-legger.Why oh why, do spiders frighten me ? Is it because I imagine them crawling,scratching, or biting me ? They’re eyeing me No lying see, So I muster up some courage, Time for my strength to flourish!I grab a shoe,Now i’m through,Time is ticking on your life!Raise my hand up,Preparing for my strike,I lower it down, with the force to kill.See some blood squirt,Think I may have heard a squeal,It’s dead and gone and i’m proud!I’ve faced my little phobia,Raise my head and scream loud,Because it’s like 10 more of them !

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