An apology from society

Dear girls,

I just wanted to write you to say I’m sorry

for putting things in your head

you shouldn’t have listened to the things I said

remember you are your own savior

but that saving yourself for marriage might not fit

with what you want

I’m sorry I called you

a whore and a slut

I didn’t mean it

I thought it was funny

but it wasn’t

I should have told you to

listen to your body

tell her you love her

tuck her in at night

treat her to bubble baths and smooth nail-polish

I should have given you a choice over your body

I should have given you a voice over

all those men in office

if I could do it all again I would teach you that

it’s unbecoming of a lady to

give an answer that was wrong

when she knew

you are smart and you are strong

like Atlas

you hold up half the earth

at last I gave in because girls like you

kept pushing me to do the right thing

thank you

you saved me



Mr. Society


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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