Apartment #2


Oh you came to my house with a fire in your eye
I was 18 and you were 25
But I couldn't love you even if I tried
Because you don't even know my name

But I can't cry for her she didn't care
When the reign came down everywhere
And sold her soul to grieve and bare                                                                                                             The man who got away with everything

Never again will I forget the feign                                                                                                                From the  man who made it rain                                                                                                                     My life could never be the same                                                                                                                And you don't even know my name

Drowning like Sara
No one could care a-
-bout some broken down fools like us
/Why blame her for her lonesome lust
You can't blame her there was no one to trust
She couldn't even make a fuss
in her birdcage made of dreams

I can't stare into your eyes babe
I just can't bear
I'm on cloud 5
And you're already there                                                                                                                                   While I'm at home trapped within my freedom

I’m drawing lines in the sand
While I’m Stuck between the lines
of a song you'd never understand
And you can look all across this land
But I will never make a sound


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