"White people, white people." "Black people, black"

The reason there's still racism, is all 'cause of that

Separations of race, defining between the two

I don't know about you, but I could care less if you're blue

Judgment based on an organ, a simple layer of skin

Most times if they want it to stop, they need to look within

"Whites" aren’t always racist; "Blacks" aren’t always done in

Just 'cause I'm white doesn’t mean I care about your pigment

And just because you're black, doesn’t mean you're the victim

White, or yellow. Black, white or blue.

The person you can control. Has always just been you

So stop the profiling, stereotyping, and judging by outer layer

We're all different, yet the same. A disgusting waste of air

'Cause we care more for a color, than wrists that are stained red

Or about a child, who’s never had a bed

More importance for a color then for a child who's born to Meth

Or for a child who’s never been full. On the edge of death

Messed up priorities. Crying racism at the slightest sting

Do you remember the cry of Wolf? This all has a familiar ring

So worried about things that could never change

The color of your skin? It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same

Can we now get back in line? Care about what matters?

Maybe once again, start to hear children’s precious laughter

I’m so SICK of hearing out this! Come find me when you grow up

Stop acting like a child, it’s disgusting a vile... Let’s end this, it is enough.


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