Mon, 02/11/2019 - 00:03 -- eskayxo

you took away two years of my life.

i was locked inside the confines of your walls

and weighed down by a sense of hopelessness.


i fought with every breath to be free of your chains.

it was a war against myself and i came out victorious

despite the fact that some battles never truly end.


somedays there’s still a tightness in my chest.

a following spark of panic that sends every red flag

it can until finally a white flag is surrendered.


it flourishes in the company of a pounding heart.

latches onto the surge of adrenaline that bundles up

my nerves like a ball of yarn with no knowledge of knitting.


the difference is that you’re no longer in control.

and no matter how many cameos you decide to

make, i will never allow you to imprison my life again.

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