Antisocial Media

What is the difference between a virus and a meme? 
"Not again", 
you sigh, 
"Tumblr has been ruined by that doge guy." 
Clapping the audience soon shuts you down. 
Now nobody wants to see you around. 
You don't get it, you don't understand. 
People liked you for once and then you were banned. 
"What did I do?" 
you sigh, 
"I've been replaced by that doge guy." 
All he does is much and such but I, 
clearly much smarter, 
have been left to die. 
"Not again"
"Not him." 
"If I see one more derpy kid I will puke." 
Those are the words no one will rebuke. 
They are the gift on your doorstep, 
or dash, or wherever you sleep, 
forever a legend, 
forever a creep. 


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