The answers To all my questions

Who am I??

What have I become??

How am I going to succeed in life? 

These are frequent questions that I have asked myself.


In the past I have not had an answer for those question

I never had an idea of my own on who i was, what i was, or what i would ever do in life

I am now 17 years old and I have grown to outcome my shell and find the answers for myself


I am many things. 

I am great 

I can guide my life with my decisions in life that I make 

I am a decision maker 


In the small time that I have had to grow up and see the world as it truley is,

I have seen that things are not as they always seem.

I found that many people can be cruel,

and everthing is indeed not fair like it use to be back in grade school


I have also realized that a kind heart and nice words will get you far.

I am a giver, not a taker 

I am a person of kind words and even kinder actions 

I am that person that every one envys but never wants to try hard enough to be.


I am my own person,I am who I have made myself to be

I realize that I am who I want to become, and to succeed in life you have to be yourself ,

and you have to make sure that you are who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be.


I am great,

And i am me. 

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Hi guys, so i would really appriciate feed back!!! I love to hear what everyone has to think about this. Thank you so much Jordan P

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