Another Part of Me

You wanna know what's in my heart,

Take a closer look cause it's been there from the start.

It stares you in the face each and everyday

It's not hidden, cause I express it in such a way.


I don't have to speak cause it's easily seen

The words I say is exactly what I mean.

I wear my heart on my sleeve

So if I give it to you, hold on to it please.


Taking you into my world day by day

Giving you small pieces of me in such a big way

I'll make you fall in love with me just by what I say

Don't hold me to it sometimes I like to play.


Poetry is the key to my heart

Open it up and you'll see all of my art

By me sharing it I'm finally letting you see

Opening your eyes to a new world which is, Another Part of me.



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