Another One.


My eyes are weary. My body is awake

My spirit lay ready to bask in her wake

Ablaze with Lust I'm searching her ever word.


Looking for what isn't there.


Creating world's just so for you and I. We




Be here. And I'll be there. Let's be wherever.

Anywhere love isn't rare

Just to be clear I'm looking past you and at you at the same time

I'm trying to be your before and after. Your current and your fantasies

Hand me your fallacies and ill hold them high like that Pharaohs.




Your faults are my gravity. Perfection in you're insecurity

You are my prize. My only selfish attribute. I want all of you.

For me and no other.




Crazy isn't crazy when it's us. We've got trust like we've got oxygen.

Survival is easy.

There no rush for this greatness.

I see time in your eyes and taste the affection on your lips.

Your walk is saccharine and you sweeten my day

And I'm consuming every piece of your performance. I'd vote for you every time.


Eyes closed.


Blind. Guard open. Just don't get the best of me.




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