Another Blank Page

I have only created a few chapters that I admire.

I want money, power, and to travel where I desire.

The need for a new setting will change all I currently know.

Travel when you are young for it is difficult when you are old.

Where will life take me? This I must decide.

I choose not to be a coward and simply hide.

Only I create the words that appear on each page.

They mean significantly more as I gracefully age.

Possibilities are endless, I will travel the globe.

Stories I will pass on, some will remain untold.

Experience is knowledge, this will influence my life.

I must venture on for this feeling is so right.

Another blank page inspired by wisdom.

I will continue to do so until I have reached my kingdom.

The chances of a lifetime, don’t you dare let them waste!

Some are born hungry, others die without a taste.

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Our world
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