Another Angel

Another angel, capable of unimaginable things.

Demons, screaming in her mind.

Another angel, wants to die.

Demons, swarm her heart.

A young man, holds her close.

His voice, tells her of her magnificence,

But she can hardly hear him.

The hatred she holds for herself,

It's unbearably sad.

Holding her face in his hands,

He asks her why.

Why are you always sad?

Why do you hurt yourself?

Don't you know I care?

She looks at him and asks,

Do you hate someone so much, you want to cause them pain?

He answers yes.

If you had a knife in hand would you want to carve into their skin,

Get thrills from seeing them bleed?

He answers yes again.

Imagine your hatred of them, directed at yourself.

Imagine the ability to use that hatred,

And feel good because the eye of your hatred,

Is being tortured.

The boy looks at her, saying,

But I care about you, isn't that enough?

She looks at him sadly, and says,

If I were able to see why, then maybe it would be.

But, remember, I hate myself, so I cannot understand.

As tears stream down her face, he kisses her gently.

The next day, they were both found dead.

The boy, shattered because he could not help her,

Over dosed.

The girl saw him, and blew her brain out.

They now lay next to each other,

Forever together,

With no hatred to hurt them.





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My community
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Our world
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