Anorexia killed love in her life, recovery led her to find it

            Anorexia killed love in her life but Recovery led her to find it

            Young naïve girl is afraid of the world.

            She looks at herself in the mirror and hates the girl starring back at her.

            All her friends tell her that she is great but she feels that they are just being fake.  

            Everyday she steps on the scale and wonders why she feels like she has failed.

            Trying to go just one more day and not eat.

            Wondering why she can’t love and is stuck with the voices yelling in her head.

            Feeling controlled by the voices in her head, sometimes she wishes that she was dead

            Teachers, friends, and family are concerned but she thinks that no one cares.

Weeks go on and she loses more weight but she still can’t love and feels like she will break.

            She feels isolated and alone and doesn’t even want to call her best friend on the phone.

            Thinking that no one understands or cares, she just wants to slowly disappear.

Dance was the only thing that made her happy, she felt like she escaped and expressed how she was feeling.           

Eating less and less every day, responding with the words “I am really okay”

Trying to find ways not to eat, exercising even though she feels weak.

Lost and confused, she just doesn’t know what to do.

She knows deep down she is not okay but is too scared to seek for help.

Weeks go on, weight drops, she is very sick but just can’t stop.

One day she took the leap of faith and told someone “I am not okay”

She decided to get some help and realized what she rediscovered when she decided to recover.

She realized how unhealthy she was and had no ounce in her life that was full of love.

She realized because of this addiction that now she was stronger and could get through the afflictions.

Because she is now fully recovered she feels so much love in her life.

Grateful for the ones who were concerned because realizing the whole time they cared and loved her.

Thinking how she once felt and being grateful to be free from this horrible relationship

Feeling great and not being sick, is a blessing to her without risk.

Remembering that her unhealthy relationship with food, took over her life.

Feeling happy to love and to be loved

Grateful for the people who helped her recover.

Feeling their love is something she will never forget.

She is grateful for all the strength and the people she met.

Remember there are people who love you and want what’s best.                                        

You may not like the way you look, or feel like you are hanging on a hook.

Maybe you hate how much you weigh but realize these thoughts are not okay.

You are more than enough and are loved more and more every day.

Young naïve girl who now loves the world, she looks in the mirror and loves what she sees

When people says she is great, she believes what she says.

Now enjoying the food that she eats, she feels strong and is no longer weak.

Killing the demons in her head, there are no more voices yelling in her head.

Teachers, Family and friend love her so much and have seen how far she has come.

Once having darkness surround her life it is beautiful to now be surrounded by light

Once having self-hate be how she thinks now she feels love in herself and others as well. 

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