Where has Annie gone?

She's been out way to long

"Who died and made her queen?"

Said her sister as jealousy flooded her heart


Mama was in the days

Daddy never stays

That little girl inside says

"Daddy don't go"


"Mama I'll be good

I'll do all the things you asked me to

Oh Mama I would

Mama don't go"


School is a circus

Annie is the ringmaster

People crowd around her

saying "Leave! You don't belong


The word "loser" taped across her forehead

Go Annie go

The little girl cries inside

"Please leave me alone"


 Daddy in the back room

beating on Mama

"Daddy she will do better

please stop all this drama!"


Annie goes out the door

waiting on the street

She falls to the ground

feeling anger and defeat


Penny pops up

"Hey girl, let's go party!

Forget about your family

Don't you want to be happy?"


Shots get popped

Her wrists are locked

Sorry for "party rocking"

but Annie is not


The big girl says

"You know I love you more

Take all your memories

and throw them out the door"


Annie is gone

Annie's got game

People took pictures

"Man that girl is insane!"


A mind filled with animosity

Pain and a wounded heart

"Let me out!" Annie yelled

I guess she wasn't that smart


"Annie didn't you want to be a doctor?"

"Annie what did you do?!"

"Annie you're nothing but trash."

To her these comments were nothing new.


Where has Annie gone?

She left behind a knife

And we all realized

That Annie ended her life.

This poem is dedicated to my dearest friend (I wish to not reveal her name). The night before her suicide she sent me an email stating to let her story be heard, and maybe other people would take the time to notice. 

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