An Animal Speaks Out

Do they even know

That I'm hurting inside

That I can barely stand, walk, or even eat

That I wish I had someone who actually cared for me?


Why would they even buy me?

Take me to their homes

Having me actually think that they would take care of me?

I guess I'm the fool for believing such a fraud


I was fooled for a moment

But now I know the truth

It was all to benefit themselves

To put me in competitions for their own sake


They don't really want me

They just want the money

Having me do things I don't want to do

And then take me home to beat me


But I hope they're happy

I hope they got pleasure from hurting such a harmless being

To watch me suffer and then make me suffer some more

But it's ok, no really


It's ok


Today is the day I run away



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