Angry Black Me


United States

Angry Black Me
Before you go and judge, "It's just another angry black man"
First try to understand the anger that he feels.
Purge your mind of the ignorant stereotypes
Because right NOW, Close mindedness is NOT the deal!
You see I love my people...The Black Community
But right now my brothers and sister got me really pissed. 
King said, "..Judged by the content of our character"
But the kind that we've been displaying is sending us right to the abyss!
Physically we wear no more shackles, no more chains
But one thing that you have not begun to notice
Is that mentally, Slavery has left its raggedy stain.
It's hurting us so much more than you even know,
But you just shrug it off
Watch bad imagery of us on TV on some jacked up show!
I'm tired of getting on facebook and scrolling down my timeline
Seeing videos of of our boys and girls ready to fight at the drop of a dime.
The statistics of black on black killings stay high every passing year.
A couple of more centuries may go by 
And we just might be extinct I fear.
Oh you think that because we have a Black President you get a pass?
Tell me, when you were in trouble last time was he there to save your black a....ehem, excuse me. 
But you know what, I feel like I'm just talking to brick wall
What would our forefathers think?
Our reputation as a race is continuing to fall.
But although I'm angry, and for the right reasons in my opinion,
I can't let it get to me
Because too much of this wrath will put me in the devil's dominion. 
I still have my people, that I love so much in my prayers
God don't let these words that I speak just be be another waist of air. 
We're not all the way out of slavery yet
We still have some work to do.
But we still have some pages left
The Story of the Black People ain't through.

- Brandon A. Mashack

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