Anger Hearted Love


riverbank CA
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

My heart is full of anger towards the one i love, life is consumed by this cold world of mine,

so much hate towards the one i call man this life we created is the i shall not blame,

you piss me off so much over the years that i cant blame nobody but myself, my angry heart is 

is going numb because i cant overtake  so much wisdom but at a confusing time, i thank you only 

because you gave me a beautiful son, i hate the way you treat me at times i keep my mouth shut,

my agry heart wants so smack you up because at times our time becomes tough, you got my heart

iced up but this anger will warm it up, why treat me like a slave but you give a crap, our life is

supposed to be happy & joy of what we overcome but this silly game you got going on is crushing

my chained up heart, my anger heart is so numb that im starting not to give a flying damn, about this

or that except our beautiful son, nobody has ever got this close to me please dont mess it up. 

its been close to five years that i havent locked up my everything, i hope i dont ever regret you but 

your a selfish man thats why i ask of you show some love & mean it all but dont keep this game up

i love you so much & i give up everything for you thats hard & a big step, so stop being a dick & show me some damn love, im angery hearted woman my love because of what you do.......

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