Angel Kisses


I wish I may, I wish I might

see my guardian angel tonight,

and if she comes while I sleep

I pray to God she kisses my cheeks.


Leave me more of those sweet angel kisses,

the only thing I have left of you besides broken wishes.


Kiss me softly, sweetly, calmly,

cradle me closer, I miss you mommy. 

Hold me tight, please don't let me go, 

I've missed you too long, I yearn for you so.


How is heaven and its wonders?

I imagine greater than the greatest blunders. 

Hold me tightly when you visit, I'll be still, I won't fidget.


I miss you dearly all the time,

and regret my inabiltity to say goodbye.

I miss our monster and bunny hand game, and hope whole heartedly you look the same,

for I cannot recall all of your thoughts, movements and twitches,

but I do ever so fondly remember your sweet, sweet, tender kisses.


 I wish I may, I wish I might,

see my guardian angel tonight, 

and if she comes while I sleep,

I hope, dear God, it's because you heard me weep.



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