Angel Eyes

Ever since I met you

You’ve been talking about your favourite girl

She’s tall and blonde and perfectly matches you

But I see her a little differently than you


She’s pretty and sweet with angel eyes

And ready to laugh at every surprise that comes her way

But the twinkle in those angel eyes

Is the perfect disguise for the teardrops that she hides


You know she holds no secrets from you

But she’s still scared through and through

She never cries in front of another person

Cause she thinks no one will love her if she does


You tell me you will love her still

But she’s never said back and never will

She loved too long before she knew that it was wrong

Now she’s gone and you may be the one to bring her back


Don’t judge her but love her still

And make sure that she knows

If she forgets it you will

Regret it when she goes



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