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Angel, you lay there cold, still
In that pure white casket.
Not a single breath passes from your perfect, pink lips.
Your long blonde hair cascades down your back
and is a perfect halo around your beautiful face.

But it isn't you laying there in this place.
I see someone else, someone different.
The girl that I knew is no longer here.
She doesn't walk through the hallways in all her glory.
Smiling at everyone as always.

I hear your laugh, so distinct and pure.
I can tell it's yours for sure.
It is so musical and full of life.
You were so different from the rest.
Angel, you were truly the one of the best.

Your perfect white teeth won't gleam anymore
as you say those random yet honest words of yours.
Life won't be the same.
But there isn't anyone that we can blame.

Although we grieve and cry never ceasing tears,
For you angel, because we can't have any more years.

You aren't there.
It isn't you laying too still and utterly motionless in your coffin.
It can't be.
It isn't possible.

I swear I just saw you.
But it was another illusion, like I see all the time now.
I wonder why, that every time I see a skinny, leggy, gorgeous, long blonde haired angel
I think it's you.

But it can't be.
You aren't present in our lives anymore.
Your body may be here, altered in some way
I don't see it as you, because your amazing spirit doesn't fill it.
You have gone away, making our visions hazy and gray.

We can't see those big gray eyes of yours,
Crossing and widening as you try to make everyone laugh.
Angel in heaven, when you left us, everyone was cut in half.
No one is the same, you've left our lives
But it isn't possible to forget you.

You were unique, one of a kind.
And believe me, when I say that you will never be off of my mind.

On Earth, you were an angel in disguise,
Helping everyone to get wise.
You wouldn't want us to cry now.
But we must say goodbye.
To you, our angel, watching over.

You'll wait, and when it's our time, be there with open arms.
Angel, you'll always be with me.
In my heart, mind and soul.
I'm sorry that I can't control these emotions.
It isn't one of my goals.
I just have to let this out.
Although I really just want to shout.

You left too early.
Gone too soon.
But you left your mark.
On all of us.
We all will forever love you.
Our angel, Utah Izvuk.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing this

beautifully written poem

very emotionally driven and meaningful

im at awe

keep writing


i liked it.


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing! 


Tear jerker. Amen. What a way to positively express your feeling. Amen. Gone Angel maybe but never will Angel be forgotten. *tears in my eyes. It was beautiful


Very sad but beautifully written I love the way you wrote this it's an amazing poem


This is beautiful. It honestly has sort of opened my eyes.thank you for that...

Jan Wienen

Aprecious moment in time  ... last forever ...

EJ Smith

That was beautiful!  Very well done, and very meaningful.  I could sense the emotion with which the poem must have been written.  Very nice.


That was really pretty.


Amazing. I love the raw real emotion. I felt them real deep. Thank you for sharing. And great work.



Eliza Jane

Good Job!


This is indeed amazing.

Sad and tragic.

Heart pounding story, was crying through the whole sad story.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

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