And somehow, you came along.

Sun, 07/21/2013 - 05:38 -- guinea1


I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did.

I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did.

I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.


now I know you in a way about I don't know anyone else-

the way your eyes shine when you talk about your passions

the way you make me come undone, the warmth you give, the intimacy I never knew

the way I can be my honest, absolute pure self around you, and you do the same

the way you not just helped me get through the bad things, but appreciate the good things

the way you've brought me to improve myself, not for you but for me and everyone around me.


It's not about the gimmicks,the flowers, the mushy facebook statuses, the pictures

because I now understand that to want somebody, is to appreciate them in their entirety

To not change them into somebody else, but help them be the best possible versions of themselves.

And I know things haven't been easy for you,

the stress of daily life, the walls you've built, the ways you've been hurt

the pain behind your smile I'd do anything to make go away,

But if I could make a single wish, have a Disney fairytale ending,after all I went through to meet you, I would have you stay.

If I got the chance to love you, I'd sure as hell love you right

because the truth is, I already do. 


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