And The Judgement Shall Be Lifted Nevermore


"What was she thinking?" they sneered

"That's plain dumb, I'd never do that" they judged

Go on

Keep talking shit about matters you are all so obviously ignorant of

Keep saying how she made herself depressed because she's just "ungrateful"

Go right ahead and say that she's a fool for each guzzle with the only comfort she seeks

Because that'll totally want her to live another day

She looks foward to your daily judgement even though she reports enough to herself

Lying in the blackhole of fuckdom, bottle in hand

Without another thought she sucks it dry and divides it whole from one blow 

Leaving shards of who she once was

Penetrating each wrists with an apology to the ones she wished she loved

Upon her final inhale is a plea for forgiveness to the "sweet one" she used to be

So go on

Allow your vile words to be released

Don't think for one minute its not effective 

Because the next "Nobody even cares whether you're here or not" 

Will be the last 


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