And, Forever We Shall Be.

When I heard the way my parents fought, I knew

I did not want to love you.

When I heard the things he said to her, I knew

I did not want to love you.

When his fists collided with her body, I knew

I did not want to love you.

His excuses to her were always,

Baby, it's because I love you.

I've seen the examples of what not to do.

It's turned me so cold, with no emotions inside of me.

I don't believe in love, if that's what love looks like.

Constant abuse, and then apologies.

So then I met you,

You were tall, athletic and fine, 

With your hazel eyes locked on mine.

I avoided you in school for weeks,

afraid of the feelings inside of me.

How could someone like you, 

Captain of the basketball team,

Love someone like me.

I could not love the way I thought love was.

Though, you waited and caught up to me.

You sent me poetic words of hope,

That you would never do me wrong.

Yet, still my thoughts of love, 

Left me continuously turning you down.

But, when your smooth caramel skin

Sent comforting butterfly kisses along my rich mocha tone.

And you held me so close in embrace, 

I felt my heart had a second home.

I knew I wanted to try to love you.

You gave me the feelings of clouds floating inside me

When you simply touched me, my skin burned,

But the sensation was so devine

I knew right then and there, 

I shall call you mine.

And mine you would be forever,

Because I loved you.

Your parents fought too, 

So we escaped to a world alone together

And, you promised me no tears, 

That we would be each others forever.

Because you loved me.

It lasted like that, you and I

From middle school, to highschool,

Continuously proving  me wrong,

That love did exist, 

And, it existed in your eyes and smile.

In your words, and actions.

That you respected me whole-heartedly,

Taught me self-love,

Taught me that we could be each others harmonies.

Because you loved me.

So here we are in college,

Grown full-fledged and together.

You still send me those words of hope,

That you'll always be my forever.

Because you love me.

So, I now know the true meaning of love,

But I can't explain them to you in words.

I realized my father never knew love,

And, my mom loved too much to leave.

But, here I've found true love in you,

Like you've found love in me.

Because we loved, 

And forever we shall be.





This poem is about: 
My family


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