And equality can win

Equality is something fought for

Yet this war has yet to stop

Hasn’t anyone noticed we don’t need this anymore?

We are all equal bottom to the top

America stands for the land of the free

Yet you don’t see

They want us to think racism is dead

And that it was all in our head

But they are wrong

Can’t you grasp we are all the same

Under this identity we claim

Gay, Straight, Black and White

We are equals that cannot lose sight

What makes us think it is okay

To categorize someone for their race

Their skin color or if they are gay

You understand our skin is just the base

There is more to embrace

In the end the color of our skin

Or our sexual orientation makes us unique

And equality can win

We are not weak

Beneath this all

We are all humans who love and fall

So lets stand up for equal rights

Because we can be the lights


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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