I think metaphors and analogies are overused

Like, here we all go again trying to sound all deep

Trying to make some profound point out of some thought that we imagined was original

But the truth is, some poet, some poet who’s most likely way better than you thought of the concept way before you and expressed it in a better way than you ever could.

Some poet with a wider vocabulary, and an incredibly juiced up mind who sees the world in more colors than the rest of us, and who probably has some sixth sense for writing when it comes to wondrous metaphors, analogies, imagery, and the like.

Oh, they can take you into another world with their words.

Letters become the gateway to Narnia-like places and suddenly it’s all fantastical and amazing and you’re literally crying because you can’t imagine how something could be so terribly and dispiritingly beautiful.

See, that’s the problem. That’s the problem right there.

People say that they can’t see the forest through the trees, but I see the trees through the forest and never even venture into it out of fear that I won’t be able to make it.

Too many trees. Too far. Too long. Way too much work.

I could never be that great.

Beauty has a habit of discouraging me. And while I genuinely admire creativity displayed, I tend to become overwhelmed with my own inadequacies.

You know, metaphors and analogies are overrated.

What’s really original these days?

Every thought you’ve ever had has probably been though billions of times by billions of people before you. And all of those creative geniuses, all of those writers, composers, and artists probably expressed every thought with a finesse and sheer brilliance that most likely brought people to literal tears, like when you finish a good book or just saw a movie with a completely flawless storyline.

There’s a whole world out there, with ideas, and concepts, and radiance, and endless capacity, and here we are, one drop in a vast and encompassing ocean of potential.

What a sad little drop we are, indeed.

I mean, what a sad little drop I am.


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