The Ampersand (&)

You are one who I admire.

Forever you inspire,

The choices & decisions

I will forever make.


You are my role model,

Permanently my idol,

An icon in my eyes.

You are my hero.


For this, I thank you.


You inspire

& enamor

& empower me


You are loving
& affectionate

& sympathetic towards me.


You are flawless

& unique

& lively


& for this, I thank you.


&, &, and plenty more &s...

Only an elegant Ampersand

Could describe and show the refinement

You always possess and demonstrate.


You are all the &s that I have yet to mention.

& your &s keep me devoid of apprehension.


During all the times of abasement,

When I reach a state of defacement,

You are forever there to assuage

The wounds and travesties I suffer.


You are the elegant Ampersand

& although I tend to reprimand

Myself under bleak situations

Beyond my absolute control,


You are always there to console

& tend

& take care of me.


It’s just you & me

Forever in glee

Until our era

Reaches finale.


For that, I’m forever thankful towards you.

For that, I am forever indebted to…

The Ampersand.


This poem is about: 
My family
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