American Dream


He wanted to serve his country
Protect it by all means 
He would shed sweat, blood and tears.
That was his American dream

They shipped him off to training
To be the best that he could be
He was his own lethal weapon
That was his American dream

Cadences were his soundtrack
With them he would proudly sing
He was an Airborne Ranger 
That was his American dream

They sent him off to battle
He was more excited than anything
To finally be protecting his country
And living his American dream

He wrote me letters telling stories
Of all the awful things he's seen
Saying he misses his home
But this is still his dream

Then the letters had stopped coming
The telephone had no ring
I was scared of what's to come
How great was his dream?

They shipped you home to soon
You were barley even nineteen
No more letters no more calls
This was the end of your American dream

They put you in a box
Your uniform was pressed and clean
All your medals pinned to your chest 
Showing you lived your dream


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