the american dream


United States
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what is the American dream?
is it when Columbus discover America in 1492?
of course he did, but did you know he enslave people to find gold that only he will gain out of greed
those people that he call inferior was his type of breed

what is the American dream?
did the u.s navy needed land to practice target?
I'm sure for its own rhyme and reason, but did you know that one of the places they practice target bombing was Puerto Rico
that's why those color people you call nothing are the ones who built things hand-made
my people are ones in whom no one bullies, we'll fight back and cut you worst than a blade

what is the American dream?
justification by calling color people niggas, spics, and poor white trash
don't you know we stand up and battle faster than the flash
newsflash- we are all brothers and sisters, all of us bleed red
before you disenfranchise people like owners getting rids of sports teams, comprehend and analyze what you read

what is the American dream?
celebrate holidays
which one- Columbus day-read my 1st verse
4th of July- that is independence day
yet, when one exercises their freedom of speech, he or she gets ban
memorial day-if soldiers really know why they go to war, they'll think twice before joining
what they don't know is that they belong to the government- i'm on fire like dynamites exploding and burning
let's have a holiday-grandparents day, family picnic day, fundraising day where there is a cause
movements like that deserves a round of applause

what is the American dream?
world trade center was bombed by attackers in 9/11
yet. people who risked their lives and died were acknowledged alright- by having their faces remembered in a back of cup you will find in 7/11
they needed help due to their health
this country claimed there was no money, and yet the most corrupted higher ups and their pals are sitting up in park avenue with a bottle of cirocs living the American dream full of wealth

i salute the flag with honor and it goes like this:
i pledge the legions to the flag of the city that never sleeps in america
and to the republic, which are racist
one nation, not under god (in which he cries)
which is visible
with no liberty and justice for all

i have an American dream
its to always be the best
and stand out from the rest
there is only one person that knows it all and sees it all in which nobody can never deny
i will survive and go after what's mine in which only he will say "my son, you are so electrifying"
that's the American dream

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