America; My Mother Land

No ill words of disrespect shall part my lips about my mother

For her land has raised me well

Her morals carved in my soul

But yet I hope

Not just for me for I am one

I hope for my siblings to come

That one day my mother can learn

To match the actions she takes with her words

And on such day equality won’t be explained books

But in the action of every soul

Where my mother’s caretaker's aren't swayed by cash

And honesty isn’t hid behind a curtain.

Where the children don’t point and blame

But shape the world together

Where life is full of happiness

And young don’t know the taste of hunger nor hate

Still all are far from real

And perhaps my wish isn’t meant to be

But be as it may I’m lucky to live on this land

Born in a home where the future is mine


This poem is about: 
My country


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