America: The land of the "free"

The war on drugs still rages on

In the slums of harlem, the slums of detroit.

We pride ourselves on a free market but the most

Free of all is one we do not allow.


We have the right to bear arms

But not consume a beautiful natural harmless plant.

We can drink until we drown in vodka

And still move on.


Tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and old values stunt our growth.

The land of the free has the most people behind

Bars of steel and hopelessness

While claiming they are the arbiters of justice.


The hundreds of thousands of deaths due to alcohol

The hundreds of thousands of deaths due to tobacco

Are not enough to affect the hearts of those on washington,

Or those in our own homes.


But a plant with zero deaths

Will put you in a hell on earth

With the most evil, vicious, monsters that society has rejected.

But hey the dea is just trying to help.


This poem is about: 
My country


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