America, I Love You

America, I love you

I love your apple pies and extra fries

And the soldiers that love you enough to die

I love root beer, and my self-expression

And my right to get an education


But, America

We're not quite done

See, I'm technically a lucky one

Not everybody here lives like me

You aren't always the land of the free


America, I love you

So let's set something straight

In our country, we welcome every race

If we didn't, "we" wouldn't be here at all

So you can't order churros, and then build a wall

 And, America?   There's one more thing I'd like to say   Our people are women, disabled, and gay   And if you'd like to soar to the highest of heights  All of our people need all of their rights    America, I love you   I swear that it's true   But I can see just how much more you could do   We could be stronger, accepting, and kind   We accomplish so much when we stand side-by-side  

This poem is about: 
My country


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