My thoughts on America have changed

But there are thoughts that still remain

Diversity in this country is as beautiful as ever

Sit back and listen as I write something clever

I want to speak like Polticians, and lie about the truth

But we all continue to go to the voting booth

Putting presidents in office, who are only figureheads

When I walk outside, will I be shot dead?

Click, clack, pow, is what I hear 

because a Black Man in America is what they fear,

but regardless of what they say or how they feel, I still love America, because I have grown up here. 

I love this country, but I love the people more, but have the issues left permanent sores?

They say America doesn't hate you because you are black, 

so why was redlining, slavery and jim crow all enac------ted. 

its all done subtly  

so mischevious and sly

why can't we all be equal

thats a villianous cry

Who wants to be equal with you!

is what they would yell

your ancestors were slaves, cant you tell?

I'm writing about slavery, because not much has changed

now in the jail cell is where my brothers remain

chained, shackled and slain

sytematic and instituionalized racism remain

and a BIG whoopty-do from everyone who thinks it doesnt exist

open your eyes and look beyond the MIST

its blinding with nationalism, and racism to make you look away

but what if the roles were reveresed, would you think the same?

I am done talking about America, and again, I love our land

But I ask again and again, cant we all just be equal and lend a helping hand

let's help each other and speak about the issues

see you later as I grab some tissue

Fact still remains our country is GREAT

I just pray for equality for EVERYONE, I hope its not too late. 


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My country
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