People living, people dying

People working, people twerking

People love the way you lie

Hot dog, baseball, apple pie

Cell phone, iPhone, 3-4G

My sweet land of liberty

of thee I sing

Land of the pilgrim’s pride

Land of the supersize

Land of bigger, land of better

Land of life unheld by fetter

Constitution, side of fries

Homeland of the rebel’s rise

In this ground I plant my stake

I’m free to grill, to shake and bake

Free to be what size I choose

In a land where none must lose

We are all winners

We are all right

Where it is alright

To be left or right

Just not in plain sight

Keep your worship to yourself

Leave your homophobia on the shelf

In the closet

There’s plenty of room, it’s empty now

Don’t bother your neighbor, he’s fine

Only worry about what’s mine

For in this land, this land I love

Guided by light from above

Her light’s been cast so far and wide

That its great glow may soon subside

Land of those who all know best

May you be forever blest

And be better than the rest

One nation under God

Can’t admit that she is flawed


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