Amazing as Women

To all the little girls out there, who don’t like to be told what to wear or how to behave

That like their hair short, and don’t mind to be called ‘tomboy’

And don’t like to play with dolls, so they have other toys.

To all the girls out there, who are often left alone and are out of the ‘cool zone’.

The ones who don’t have friends, and just want their life to end.

Or the ones who are called cool, but still are not mean to you at school

And the ones that are picked on because overweight, and aren’t left alone by the other kids, because they are just cruel.

To all the young women out there, who are trying to study to get a career

The ones who are beautiful and smart and want to become an engineer

Or the ones who still work hard, even if they were told they won’t go anywhere, and shed a tear.

To the ones who don’t mind going to the pub and have three pints of beer.

To all the women out there, who are girlfriends, wives, mothers and friends

Who have had boyfriends or not. And still hare happy with the life they have got.

That don’t remember to be a little childish sometimes, because that’s when one shines

That have fun when they are told they are supposed not to,

 And when scolded on they reply with a big “f*ck you!”

The ones who are still not scared to report a crime, even if it signs their death sentence

And are not listened or believed because “their man is good, he will never seek for vengeance.”

To all the beautiful women out there,

This day is for you. I wish I will continue to be as strong as you,

And to be an inspiration as you are to me too.

I hope young girls will live in a better world, where they won’t be scared to believe in what their do.

This poem is for you, the beautiful and amazing women that helped me to grow up

And get through my life,

That continue to inspire me as a woman,

And the ones that I see every day, and admire from a distance.

To all these women and the women I don’t know I’d like to say, thank you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Geogelee Faith Naong

why do you wrote this ? for what?



Hi. I wrote this because it was women's day and I wanted to celebrate all of us. I am sorry if it came out wrong but I wanted to run through phases. Childhood, adolescence, adulthood. It is based on myself and on people I admire. I am sorry if I offended you.

Geogelee Faith Naong

please answer me for my literature


Geogelee Faith Naong

what is your intension?or why do we have to read this?


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