Amazing and Inspiring

Standing here, staring out into the world,

Memorized how the hills roll like smooth waves on the ocean,

The songs of Whippoorwills echo through the wooded area,

The beauty and purity of the song makes my heart flutter

like a butterfly flying to the tallest flower,

The cool breeze effectlessly moves through my hair,

 I close my eyes feeling the sensation of flying with the whippoorwills above me, singing their song

Smelling the fresh spring water flowing in the creek ahead,

Which allows life to florish and prosper without limits  

It is amazing how this tranquil land can support life,

Even though it has been exploited for its resourses,  

The strength and unity of the ecosystem amazes me,

Everything it has been through it still has the strength to contiune to thrive,

which is amazing and inspiring.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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