Am I Pretty?

When I was younger

I came home from school

To play with my Bratz dolls

That looked so cool


When I was younger

I saw on t.v.

These beautiful ladies

That don’t compare to me


When I was younger

Make-up was a game

That made me feel different

Beauty was the aim


And I would see it

Distressing all my girls

Who needed to construct

Their faces to the world


You think its fair?

Setting all these standards

Of glamour for women

Searching for the answer?


Of beauty

Perception and deception

Just to measure up to

Visual perfection


I could see all the hurt

And all the crippling work

They took to change up their looks

For a positive review


I would see all the marks

All of the scabs and the scars

Of thoughts of beauty and grace

Taking a toll on their hearts


You would see that girl cry

Because she wanted that pie

But wouldn’t eat it because

It just went to her thighs



You could see that girl starve

Tearing her figure apart

Too much weight is vile

And too little in style




Through make-up

And pain


Starvation, extensions

Synthetics in my frame


My hair’s done

My nail’s done

My toes are too


All to see

Am I pretty enough

For you?


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