Am I Not a Human, Too?

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 11:26 -- iwpwc


"Hello, how are you today?"

Inquires the bagger at your local grocer

As you coldly turn your back to them.

"Welcome, how may I assist you today?"

Says the friendly sales associate

As you brush by them not acknowledging their help.

"Welcome to your local fast food restaurant, 

How may I take your order?"

Greets the order taker at your local fast food restaurant

As you sit or stand there deciding what you want.


You turn around to yell at the bagger

For using plastic instead of paper

Because plastic is still not recyclable in today's society.

You hunt down that friendly sales associate

In order to yell at them for not having your size

Because nobody else in the world shares your body size.

I feel sorry for the order taker for what you are about to say

After you find that pickle on your sandwich

Because that pickle releases toxins when removed.


You begin to rant on about how you never get good service,

And about how the bagger, the associate, and even the order taker

Are ignorant because you didn't get what you want.

Well, next time you find yourself not getting what you want,

Maybe you should take a step back and realize,

That they too are only humans and make mistakes.

Next time you don't get what you want

And you start to throw your tantrum,

Maybe you should shine a mirror on your words

And see where the real ignorance is at.


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