Alyeska, Alyeska

You looked to me with eyes so blue

Beautiful and sour in your sweet youth

A girl bittersweet and true

You weren’t like the others

You sang a breathable truth

While they danced in the arms of their own brothers

Alyeska, Alyeska

You handed me false promises

Tainted with the red blood of time wasted

While they preached of nameless goddesses

And you went the extra mile

Just to make up for grades that never lasted

Oh, how we all adored your smile

Alyeska, Alyeska

Forgive me now for what I must do

You’re the one who encouraged their losses

And I’m the one who needs to forget you

You showed me how to feel

While they put you on their crosses

You showed me how to be real

Alyeska, Alyeska

You watched me do as students must

We sleep and believe breath-taking lies

While your dreams become dust

You glared at me with a dying light

You made me feel your butterflies

You showed me how to shine so bright

Alyeska, Alyeska

What good am I?

I encouraged you to steal and cheat

But only you could fly

They found a way to Hell

But you decided to die of a different heat

While I listened to the hollow sound of the school bell

Alyeska, Alyeska

I learned what love was through your crookedness

I learned how to be a clown

You learned what a traitor was through our brokenness

You determined to die of a broken heart

And they offered me a crown

Because I taught the teacher how to fall apart


The Darcy Perspective

My favorite part of my own poem: the fact that a teacher can be disappointed so easily by their students, but only because they expect too much.

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