Always There


Always There

            Bright and smooth

            You heal my wounds

            Far and close, you seem right here

            Always there when I see no shadow


            Love binds us

            Loyal vines find our lives

            I thank the GOD of all GODs

            Lose you I never will


            When I cry, you wipe my tears

            When I fall, you lift me up

            When I yell, you silence my anger

            When I call, you listen and come


            Like so few

            An angel you are

            Beautiful yet hard

            Strong yet weak


            You hold fast with the past

            We give each a light

            Something that forever lasts

            Profound and promising


            You are my heart, a vital vine

            Initials of two so you do

            Give me hope

            Fuel my dream, yet so far you are


            I love you

            I cherish you

            Never leave me, angel of light

            For you are never far away



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